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    Asphalt Drum Mix Plant & Parts

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    Asphalt Drum Mix Plant / Hot Mix Plant & Parts (30 to 120 Tph)

    Cold Aggregate Feeder (Three/Four Bin)

    Cold Aggregate Feeders by us are available with self relieving bin walls with proper slope that ensures constant discharge of aggregate without bridge forming. The technical working of this machine works with an efficient output performance. Self relieving bottom openings of the bins with optimum area avoid interlocking. One bin meant for fines or dust is fitted with vibratory motor to ensure the free flow of material. Each bin is equipped with an adjustable opening door that determines the discharge quantity for the materials capacity in outlet. We ensure a complete reliability and efficiency in the output and performance of our products as they are regularly checked to meet up to the international standards.

    Cold Aggregate Three/Four-bin Feeder
    Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

    The Cold Aggregate Feeders comprise of the following main technical parts:
    Vibrating Screen
    A single-deck vibrating screen is provided on the slinger conveyor to remove oversize aggregate received from the 4-bin feeder.?

    Slinger Conveyor
    An inclined conveyor mounted on idlers receives aggregate from the gathering conveyor and feeds it to the dryer.

    Multicyclone Exhaust
    The dust collection system consists of enclosed multiple cyclones, exhaust fan and chimney.

    Load Out Conveyor
    Mixed aggregate from the dryer drum is discharged on an inclined conveyor provided with a hydraulic hopper at delivery end for feeding the Mix into Tippers.

    Mineral Filler
    Fabricated from steel plates, it feeds the required quantity of mineral to the drum.

    Dryer Drum

    The Dreyer Drum works with the utmost efficiency and power to give the best output results and at the same time, saves power and energy. For this, our specially designed flights work in a way to reduce the final moisture content down to 0.5% in weight. Supported by steel rollers, the fully automatic jet burner works in a pressure mounted over at one end of the dryer drum to discharge the heated aggregate directly onto the loadout conveyor.

    Dryer Drum

    Wet Dust Collector

    Wet dust Collector units by us are greatly in demand and well apt for Drum Mix Plants and are used for collecting two types of emissions i.e. particulates and blue smoke and imparts cleaner exhaust air. The working units are based on the principle of wetting the dust particles entrained in the exhaust gas stream and then trapping them into water droplets. These water droplets have the exhausted gases and are drained from the system in the form of water sludge.

    Wet Dust Collector

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