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Semi Hydro Paver Finisher

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Semi Hydro Paver Finisher

Three piton rods based screed for better strength and long life.

Power Unit
Kirloskar / equivalent water cooled / diesel engine of adequate horse power provided with 12 volts electrical starting system.

Through a multiple clutch and a 4-Speed Gearbox to an auxiliary low, high & reverse Gearbox & differential unit provided with differential locking facility. Final drive from the differential to the wheels is through roller chain and sprocket mechanism. Hydraulic Traction option also available.

Semi Hydro Paver Finisher

Semi Hydro Paver Finisher

Hoppers have low dump clearance to handle all type of trucks. The wings are raised or lowered hydraulically to give a smaller overall width for transportation and for self-cleaning action during feeding of the asphaltic concrete onto the conveyor.

Twin bar conveyors are provided to feed the material from hopper on to the screws (augers). The conveyors can be independently

Spreading Screws (Augers)
The asphaltic concrete flows from the main hopper into another hopper containing the augers. These augers are adjustable to cover the full width of the paved surface and each side has independent control.

Tamper Initial compaction of the material is effected through the optional tamper. The tamper is actuated by means of eccentric journals mounted on sturdy roller bearings.

A heated, fully floating, hydraulically operated and vibrating screed is provided, covering the full length of the paved width. It ensures a predetermined thickness of the asphaltic concrete layer by striking off the excess material. The screed is adjustable for height and camber.

All controls are provided within easy reach of the operator from a comfortable driving seat.

The material specifications of all parts is as per ISI recommendations viz. abrasion-resistant steels for hopper, conveyor, auger screws, tamper, screed etc., all gears and sprockets are of requisite quality of steel and properly heat-treated. Easy accessibility to all parts for maintenance, inspection and overhaul has been given utmost importance

Standard Equipment
Oil pressure meter, water temperature meter, ampere meter, 12 volt horn, full extensions for screws, screed and tamper, hour meter, edger plates, guides, cut-off shoes, bevel edges, screed heater, spray down equipment, comprehensive tool kit, operator hand book, semi rotary fuel pump for filling fuel tank from barrels and working/traveling lights.

Transmission Mechnical
Hopper capacity (approx) 4 cu. mtrs
Turning Radius Outside 4.6 mtrs

Working Speed 0-35m/min
Travels Speed 0-16km/h

Max Production 120t/h
Mat Thickness 10-200 mm
Also available in screed with mechanical extensions up to 3.65 mtrs (if required)

MECHANISM Mechanical
"Hydraulic optional

Overall Length 5600 mm
Overall Height 3100 mm
Operating Width (min) 2850 mm
Operating Width (max) 4500 mm

The screed extensions are hydraulically controlled through control lever.

1. Best quality Retsina canopy
2. Traveling lights
3. Standard Tool kit
Diesel Engine Kirloskar
Type 4R1040
Nos. of Cylinder Four
Cooling System Water Cooled
Output© 1800 Rpm 60 HP
Electric Starting 12V

Diesel fuel 100L
Hydraulic Oil 50 L

Hydraulically Extendable Hydraulically Extendable
Vibration Optional
Extension Adjustments Gear based up & down extension adjustments.

Multiple Disk Brakes

Material C.S. Hard Moulding
Size 30mm X 15mm
Mech. Extensions Two
Drive Through clutch
Controls Independent

The independent movement of two side wings is obtained by means of two hydraulic cylinder. Two conveyors, each side independently controlled, are made of wear-resisting steel
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