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    Wet Mix Plant & Parts

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    Wet Mix Plant & Parts

    Cold Aggregate Three/Four-bin Feeder

    We provide our best quality Cold Aggregate Bins ensured with a constant discharge of aggregate without bridge forming. Cold Aggregate Bins are provided with special slopes. Each bin is equipped with an adjustable opening door that determines the discharge quantity for the materials capacity in outlet. The material from each bin is drawn out by means of extracting conveyor driven by adjustable variable speed motor, coupled with gear boxes, that enables to increase or decrease the material output as per the job mix formula requirements. These form a great amount of demand and requirement in the market with its high power production output.

    Cold Aggregate Three/Four-bin Feeder
    Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

    Slinger Conveyor
    An inclined conveyor mounted on idlers receives aggregate from the gathering conveyor and feeds it to the dryer.

    Load Out Conveyor
    Mixed aggregate from the dryer drum is discharged on an inclined conveyor provided with a hydraulic hopper at delivery end for feeding the Mix into Tippers.

    Pug Mixer

    We produce high quality wet mix paints using the best raw materials. Pug mixer unit comes with replaceable liner plates for an easy maintenance and effortless performance.

    The twin shaft pug mill designing provides fast, continuous & homogeneous mixing of aggregates & additives. Extra heavy duty anti friction bearings are provided for smooth functioning of the system. A Wear resistant alloy steel Ni-hard replaceable and adjustable tips for paddle arms are-provided for lower maintenance costs.

    Pug Mixer

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